VFFS Quad Machine

Mike SmythUncategorized

The Quad type of VFFS machines are becoming much more popular in the food and many other manufacturing industries. This machine is no exception to the rule, except that it is probably half the price of other manufacturers. It is fully equipped for synchronisation with all product feeders and is built with the latest technology inside.

All components are off the shelf items that can be bought in most countries of the world, such as Siemens electronics, SMC pneumatics and much more. The machine would be sold complete with one set of bag forming parts, photocell for printed film and an internal batch counter just in case.

Servo drive is used for the draw belts, which are vacuum assisted for much better traction with the packaging film. This together with the use of a photocell gives an accurate and repeatable draw down bag length. The drawn down is also assisted by the metered film roll feed. As the vacuum belts pull the film, the film roll meters out just enough film, which in turn reduces wear of the draw down belts.

Many options are also available such as product elevators, product feeders, take away conveyors, packing table, thermal printers etc. There is also an ethernet connection for remote servicing.