Tea Packaging Machines

Mike SmythGeneral News

We have various options for packing tea. We can offer a simple tea bag machine, which is based on our standard sachet machine that has been adapted to run tea bag filter paper and a tea stick machine using standard fil or a VFFS machine, for the larger packs depending on the size and type of pack required.

tea stick machine

tea stick immersed in hot water, pack used to stir and diffuse the tea, like with a spoon

The sachet machine has been adapted to for filter paper plus ease of use and various sizes are possible within the limits of the machine.The tea bags will all be square or rectangular as required.

The stick  utilises normal laninate film but perforates it during product so that no special film is required. This simple to set up and use machine seems to be the trend in tea packaging. Ideal for hotel rooms where you just need a single portion pack.

The VFFS is a standard VFFS M/c  that can run laminate film or filter paper.