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Wet Wipe Machine
sachet machine

Sachet machine for making sachets

The range of machines we supply are stick pack machines, sachet machines, VFFS machines, wet wipe
and all the ancillary equipment that go with each model. We also have a tea-stick-machine and the tea stick in particular is becoming very popular. I have provided a picture for you to see the tea stick in a cup of hot water. With the tea stick in the cup you just have to stir it round in the hot water, like a spoon, to difuse the tea. The packaging film used is a standard laminate film and the machine perforates the film during production, by way of a perforation mould. You can have either a single lane or a 3 lane version depending on speed required.

The standard stick pack machine can be used for coffee packing, tea packing or many other product such as liquid, powders, creams etc. Likewise, the complete range of stick pack and sachet machines can pack virtualy any free flowing powder, granules, liquids or creams where small quantities are required. The VFFS machine can be used to pack anything at all, even irregular shaped and irreglar weight products.

The wet wipe machine speaks for itself as far as function is concerned. It produces a single sachet, folds tissue paper and inserts it in the sachet, together with a small dose of liquid. A perfect single use wet wipe for ladies to remove makeup, baby wipes, computer screen cleaners, medical swabs and many other applications and also used by airlines and in restaurants. The wet wipe machine is the feature picture at the top of the page.