Majestic Stick Pack Machine

Mike SmythGeneral News, Stick Pack Machines

The Majestic stick pack machine is our top of the range Stick Pack Machinestick pack machine for honey stick, tomato ketchup and salad cream which are some of the liquids produced on this type of machine, as well as milk, coffee powder or granules, 3 in 1, sugar, salt and pepper.. Depending on the width of the stick, it can produce up to 10 Sticks for every machine cycle. The machines are fully adjustable in length but change parts are required for each stick pack width. Depending on the product type the machine can be equipped with a granule feeder, a powder feeder or a liquid pump. Needless to say the final production speed is always dependent on a combination product type, product volume and packaging material selected. These machines are easy to set up and use. Incorporated in the program is a batch counter that cane be turned on or off as required.