Gen-Z Favouring Herbal Teas Over Builder’s Brew

Mike SmythGeneral News

A few decades ago, there were limited beverage alternatives to instant coffee and a traditional cup of English tea. However, these days the supermarket shelves are filled with exotic coffee granules and herbal teas from all over the world.

So much so that Generation-Z are causing sales of black tea bags to drop, favouring alternative drink options instead.

According to Kantar, Britons are drinking hundreds of millions fewer cups of tea per year.

Graeme Pitkethly, finance chief for consumer giants Unilever, told the Daily Telegraph noted that younger people are becoming bigger coffee drinkers instead.

“I drink five or six cups of builder’s tea a day, but unfortunately we are dying at a faster rate than generation Z and millennials are consuming it,” he stated, adding: “They might drink tea but they want to drink quite high-end, expensive products.”

This has led big brands such as Twinings and Lipton, which is owned by Unilever, to launch new varieties of tea to appeal to the younger shoppers.

Mr Pitkethly went on to say: “They drink a lot of coffee. There’s a bit of demographic challenge around that.”

Despite his concerns, figures from the UK Tea & Infusions Association revealed Britons consume 100 million cups of tea a day, compared with 70 million cups of coffee.

It recommended drinking four mugs a day for optimal benefit, with 96 per cent of all tea consumed being brewed from tea bags.

While people might be trying different types of tea, 98 per cent of those who do prefer a builder’s brew take theirs with milk.

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