Coca-Cola Unveils Marine Plastics Bottle

Mike SmythGeneral News

There’s no denying that there’s been a change in consumer attitudes towards waste products, and in particular single-use plastics. It’s left some big brands scrabbling to keep up with the wave of public opinion that’s turning against these types of packaging.

Coca-Cola is one of the big brands that’s attempting to address consumer concerns. It has recently launched a drinks bottle made in part from recycled ocean plastics.

The company stated that it’s the first food and drink packaging to be made from waste plastics collected from the world’s oceans and beaches. However, just 25 per cent of the bottle is comprised of recycled marine plastics, and the lids and labels have no recycled content. The new bottles are 100 per cent recyclable though.

Bruno van Gompel, Coca-Cola Western Europe technical and supply chain director, explained that it’s an important first step in creating a closed-loop economy for plastic.

“As these [technologies] begin to scale, we will see all kinds of used plastics returned, as good as new, not just once but again and again, diverting waste streams from incineration and landfill,” he asserted.

Figures from Surfers Against Sewage highlight the scale of the problem when it comes to plastic waste, and why it’s so important that large companies like Coca-Cola do their part to address the issue. Some eight million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the world’s oceans every day.

In the UK, over 150 plastic bottles litter every mile of beach in the country.

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