Wet Tissue Machine

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Wet Wipe Machine

Single use wipes for babies and ladies.

Our wet wipe machine which can also be called a wet tissue machine is one of the most economical wet wipe sachet machines on the market that can make wet wipes in various sizes and various tissue folds. It can make single use wet tissue sachets for all occasions. These wet wipe machines produce moist tissue sachets which can be found on airlines, in restauarnts, hotels and in hand bags everywhere. They are simple and hygenic, easy to use and take up very liile space whilst waiting to be used. Similar wipes are also used as medical swabs. When the sachet is still opens and the folded tissue is inserted, a dose of liquid is added to make the tissue moist. The liquid in medical swabs would be antibacterial whereas the for the domestic market the liquid often has a pleasant citrus smell.